Date : 14 January

Research topics
Ivan :
What will happen to Singapore if our water contract with Malaysia ends?

After 50 years, when Malaysia cuts their contract with Singapore, is it possible for us to have enough water to be independant for our water?

pat guan
What will happen to Singapore if water prices will go up and not everyone can afford it?

thiha -
Will Singapore be self-dependant in the future in terms of having clean water to drink?

Wei xuan -

Will we have enough clean water to drink if our contact with Malaysia ends?

What other new methods could SIngapore adopt to solve the issue of the lack of water?

Date : 19 January

Research links

Ivan :


Pat guan :
-A pdf file with pictures about Singapore

- What Singapore did to manage the supply and demand of water in the country

- Singapore's Water Story and their water sources (Outdated. From 2009)

Thiha :
http://www.edb.gov.sg/content/edb/en/industries/industries/environment-and-water.html http://www.swa.org.sg/ http://www.sp.edu.sg/wps/portal/vp-spws/!ut/p/a0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOJDPUxdjdxMTQz8XQNdDTwNg8xd_N1dDdy9TPQLsh0VAd72jv8!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT
Wei Xuan :
Water self-sufficientcy

-How Singapore is making sure it does not run out of water ? http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/04/07/singapore.water.dilemma/

-Water Sources

Date : 24 January


Can people adapt to the new water source in terms of money?

Thiha :

Do u think Singapore will introduce new method and new technology to increase the water sources?

Pat Guan :

 Do you think Singapore is doing anything to solve the problem of  having sustainable water to use?

Wei Xuan :

1. Besides Local Catchment and NEWater, what could Singapore implement to increase our water supply?

2. Which of the 4 national Water taps do you think is the most reliable?

3. How long do you think Singapore can sustain itself in terms of having clean water to drink?

4. An example of a local catchment is Bukit Timah Reservoir, do you agree that it is a sustainable water source?

5. What challenges do you think Singapore will face when the contract with Malaysia expires? (2061)

18 Febuary 2014

Pat guan : Questions , do up blog and present to teacher.

Thiha : compiling of answers for charts

Ivan : compiling of answers for charts

Wei Xuan : Questions, do up blog and present to teacher.

4 March 2014
Finishing the presentation

Pat guan : Did up the graph for the questions of all presentations

Wei Xuan: Did the summaries of all the questions

Thiha :  Editing of the summaries

Ivan : Editing the summaries.

27 March 2014

We have decided to sort out our presentation into 4 parts

Ivan shall do slide 1 to 4 (Introduction)

Wei Xuan shall do slide 4 to 10 (survey questions)

Thiha shall do from slide 10 to 17 (survey questions)

Pat guan shall do from slide 17 to 23(conclusion)

10 April 2014

Concluding our research

Everyone contributed to doing up the blog

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