Methodology of our Research

We sent out a survey to the school through Email. The survey questions are below.

1. Besides Local Catchment and NEWater, what could Singapore implement to increase our water supply?

2. Which of the 4 national Water taps do you think is the most reliable?

3. How long do you think Singapore can sustain itself in terms of having clean water to drink?

4. An example of a local catchment is Bukit Timah Reservoir, do you agree that it is a sustainable water source?

5. What challenges do you think Singapore will face when the contract with Malaysia expires? (2061)

6.Do u think Singapore will introduce new method and new technology to increase the water sources?

7..Can people adapt to the new water source in terms of money?

9. Do you think Singapore is doing anything to solve the problem of  having sustainable water to use?

We used reliable online sources such as Public Utility Board to see how Singapore is managing our water resources.

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