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05 Discussion

During Integrated humanities lessons last year , we were taught about the 4 National Taps, Mainly Newater, Imported Water, Desalination plants and Local Catchment. We were also taught about the scarcity of water. Therefore, Singapore has to conserve water as much as possible so that we would not run out of water. So we decided to discuss on how long Singapore could rely on these 4 water taps . After much discussion , we decided that importing water was not reliable hence we crossed it out of the taps we were going to research on. Importing water is not reliable as the others as the contract with malaysia would expire eventually or be cancelled anytime Malaysia wished to. 
In our discussion,we finally came to a conclusion that Singapore’s National taps would be able to sustain singapore for a certain period of time , not forever. After considering these questions , we decided to come out with our research question ,

<Challenges of getting sustainable drinking water in Singapore>

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